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Summer Braddock

Crew Instructor

Your Instructor: Summer has always had a love for the arts. Born with a rare disorder, Summer taught herself how to draw & paint by mouth at an early age. She also pursued her love for academics and graduated with a bachelors in psychology from Wright State University in 2008 and received a dual masters in Applied Behavior Analysis and Clinical Counseling in 2012 from The Chicago School in Chicago, IL.  Summer has taken classes taught by accomplished artists and recently began facilitating workshops and classes herself. Summer paints 5-6 commissioned pieces a year and has paintings for sale on her website:

Summer’s Teaching Philosophy: My teaching philosophy is for everyone to just have fun creating—art is meant to be unique, seen differently by everyone. My style is laid back, creative, and educational. At my most recent workshop, I gave everyone the option to paint by mouth or hand which was a fun addition to my classes.

Summer Braddock
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