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We have discovered that trying something new, something out of your comfort zone, lights a spark from deep within. 

It is that spark from childhood, the one that ignites that feeling of excitement when you do something new and a little bit daring!  As we searched for art classes to light that spark we wished there was one place we could go to find creative experiences offered by talented instructors from our area.

This is what inspired ART DOCK, a place for people to connect with passionate instructors, teaching in a variety of art mediums, who reignite that spark within us all.  


When we GATHER together we build a diverse community who inspires us, gives us energy and joy.

When you CREATE, some kind of magic happens.

When we dare to create we CONNECT again with that child within and to one another on a deeper level.

Everyone has in them the power to create.

Sometimes we just need an opportunity and a little courage to get started.

We hope you will join us in this adventure and book your first class today!

Amy and Kris

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