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Phantasia Johnson

Crew Instructor

About your instructor:

Phantasia is a skilled artist in the field of sewing, also referred to as a sewist.  She brings with her 15 years of sewing experience and a decade of expertise in the apparel industry.  In addition to the title of artist Phantasia is also a proud wife and mother. 

Phantasia’s creative journey took her to Kent State University  where in 2014 she earned a degree in Fashion Design.  Aya, a name that signifies resourcefulness and endurance, perfectly describes her approach to life and work.  Proficient in creating various fashion designs, her passion for African fabrics gives her designs a unique flair.  Finding beauty in simplicity Phantasia aims for designs that serve a purpose and that possess an amazing end result.  You can check out Phantasia’s work on her website:

Phantasia’s teaching philosophy:

My ultimate objective is to bring your visions to life or impart the skills necessary to bring them to fruition.  Empowering others' creativity is at the core of my mission, whether it be through crafting custom clothing, providing alteration services, consulting for small fashion businesses or hosting sewing workshops for youth, young adults or aspiring creatives.

Phantasia Johnson
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