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Halli Kromer

Crew Instructor

Your Instructor: Halli Kromer graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University, earning a degree in Studio Art with a concentration in ceramics. During college, she honed her craft by working as a student tech and shadowing an instructor at a local art center during the week. Halli currently works as a studio assistant for Gina Desantis Ceramics. During college, her work was recognized in the college art magazine and she installed a Senior Exhibition in the college's art center galleries. Halli enjoys teaching a variety of classes including ceramic handbuilding, ceramic wheel throwing and frame weaving small wall tapestries. Halli sells her pottery, jewelry and art at local markets and art shows. She sells her newest pieces on her website:


Kids see art as an opportunity for free play and fun, often placing much less focus on how "good" the art looks, and instead pursuing the joy of the creation process. I think people should have freedom to explore and try new things, while also being taught about how the materials work.

Halli Kromer
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