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Emma Garcia Madrid

Crew Instructor

Welcome to the world of Emma, a Mexican-American visual artist whose remarkable talent transcends mediums and cultures. With a fusion of Mexican heritage and American influences, Emma's art embodies a unique and captivating blend of styles. Drawing inspiration from popular Mexican arts, pre-Hispanic cultures, Frida Kahlo's art, and the rich symbolism of Mesoamerica, her creations offer a vibrant celebration of both tradition and innovation.


With a diverse background encompassing interior design, graphic arts, ceramic, fashion design, and business, Emma brings a wealth of expertise to her artistic endeavors. Her textile design company in Queretaro Mexico has not only established her as a successful entrepreneur but also provided a platform for her to share her creative vision with the world.


Throughout her career, Emma has showcased her work since 2016 in prestigious exhibitions across Mexico, including thEscuela de Artes y Oficios del Estado de Querétaro and the renowned Premio Nacional de la Cerámica in JaliscoHer talent has been recognized by esteemed galleries such as the Sharon Weiss Gallery, where her pieces have been displayed following her first exhibition at the Cultural Art Center in Columbus Pasos de Arte 2019, Ohio. Additionally, Emma has actively participated as an artist in the Global Gallery and various Day of the Dead Columbus festivals since 2019.  Emma actively collaborates with Latino Arts for Humanity 2023, leveraging her expertise to contribute by designing the new logo for the Day of the Dead.


In her artistic exploration, Emma embraces a dynamic interplay of light, shadows, and intricate layers. This deliberate play with form and perspective creates mesmerizing silhouettes that captivate the viewer's imagination.


Beyond her artistic pursuits, Emma is a devoted mother of two and shares a joyful partnership with her best friend and life partner. She also generously shares her knowledge and expertise through workshops, available by invitation.

Emma García Madrid's artistic journey is an exploration of diverse influences and cultural connections. Drawing inspiration from iconic figures like Frida KahloPicassoSalvador DaliModiglianiMiró,  Remedios VaroLeonora CarringtonAlejandro LopezJavier Marín, and Sergio Bustamante, Emma incorporates their innovative styles and unique perspectives into her own creative processSimultaneously, she finds inspiration in Ancient Mayan and Aztec mythology, delving into texts such as the Popol-Vu and the realm of Xibalbá. This fusion of influences allows Emma to interpret the world in a multifaceted manner, infusing her art with a timeless and rich cultural tapestry. Guided by the wisdom of the past and the avant-garde expressions of the present, Emma's work becomes a transformative experience, bridging the gap between tradition and contemporary vision. Her art serves as a conduit, inviting viewers to connect with the profound symbolism, spiritual depth, and profound human experience embedded within her creations.

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Emma Garcia Madrid
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