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Hailey Dale

Crew Instructor

Your Instructor: From as early as Hailey can remember, art has always been her favorite activity.  She recalls a favorite aunt who was always designing beautiful things from everyday items.  With that inspiration, and through constant experimenting, she learned the ins and out of creating.  Her formal art education came through a year-long apprenticeship to learn to blow glass professionally.  Hailey is always sourcing new ideas, collaborating with other creatives and designing something new for you to enjoy making at one of her fun and interactive workshops!

Hailey’s Teaching Philosophy

Everyone can craft and create! Art is expressive and allows us to be creative. I strongly believe expectation is a killer of creativity and encourage students to stop trying to be perfect and just simply create. I sample many different techniques to give tips and tricks along the way, while encouraging students to stop worrying about the messy processes and that funky part in the middle when we don't know if we want to scrap our project or keep going. There is perfection in all art.

Hailey Dale
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