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Bren Clixby

Crew Instructor

About your instructor:

Always an artist! Always a teacher!  Bren has been teaching classes through her own studios over the past 13 years.  She started teaching in 2010 in an eclectic basement studio in uptown Maumee called You Can Be An Artist! There she led small and large groups, discovering hidden talents through easy to follow step-by-step instruction on how to create an idea, add movement in brush strokes and get to a satisfying end result.

Bren currently serves as President of the Toledo Artists' Club and is once again pursuing her interest in teaching classes at the club.

Bren’s teaching philosophy:

My teaching philosophy is making people feel comfortable by keeping the atmosphere light (it's about having fun while learning) and moving at a pace that allows the student to keep up with the lesson. I will introduce various brush strokes and techniques to help the beginner create a painting to be proud of.  I encourage experimenting to take the stress out of trying something new. Let's have fun and see where the brush takes us!  I teach mostly Contemporary Impressionism (lots of wiggle room).

Bren Clixby
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