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FULL: Stone Bracelets, Tues. Dec. 12

  • 36 US dollars
  • Harbourtown Fine Arts Center, 736 Main St, Vermilion, OH

Class Description

Join our beginner-friendly workshop and embark on a creative journey into the world of jewelry making! In this hands-on class, you will learn the art of crafting natural stone beaded bracelets, a stack of three, with the perfect finishing touch - a charming charm. What you'll learn: 1. Bead Selection and Design: Understand the various types of natural stone beads available and how to create visually appealing bracelet combinations. 2. Knotting Techniques: Master the art of tying elastic string securely. 3. Charm Attachment: Learn how to elegantly add a charm to your bracelet. Our experienced instructor, Laura Wurst, will provide step-by-step guidance, answering your questions and offering expert tips throughout the workshop. All materials are provided. At the end of the workshop, you'll leave with your custom-made natural stone beaded bracelet stack, complete with a charm. Join us and create a stunning bracelet stack that reflects your individual style and personality! About your instructor: Many days you can find Laura in her happy place in Sheffield Village, where she is surrounded by beautiful natural stone beads, just begging to be made into beautiful bracelets or other pieces of jewelry. Her love for jewelry making started as a hobby and has evolved into a lifelong passion. Her favorite materials to work with are earthy natural stones and pearls. In recent years, Laura mentored under Esther, a local well-known pearl knotter. Laura knots pearls for a local jewelry store. Laura loves to share her craft with others. She is a dedicated teacher, eager to pass on her knowledge to other aspiring jewelry hobbyists. She also takes her craft to the local nursing home and to ladies retreats. Many feel they are not creative or crafty, so she loves to see the delight in their eyes when they string beads together into a beautiful bracelet they’re proud to wear. But Laura’s connection to her craft goes beyond aesthetics. Her heartwarming commitment to cancer awareness is a testament to her compassionate nature. Having experienced the impact of cancer within her own family, she channels her artistic talents into creating cancer awareness bracelets. These bracelets are symbols of hope and support for those affected by this devastating disease. Laura's teaching philosophy: My love of jewelry is not just about creating adornments; it’s about crafting connections, sharing knowledge, and making a meaningful difference for others.

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Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your class up to 5 days prior to the class date to receive a refund, less the 5% service fee. If you cancel less than 5 days prior to the class date, you will not receive a refund. You may pass along your booking to a friend or family member by emailing and include the replacement’s name and email.

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