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Embossing Technique Workshop, Wed. 6/26

  • 75 US dollars
  • Bubbly Hall, 6065 Central College Road, New Albany, OH

Class Description

Emma Garcia Madrid will guide you in learning the basic principles of embossing to apply it on surfaces of thick paper or aluminum. In this case, we will be working with aluminum sheets. In this workshop you'll learn the techniques and create a beautiful embossed aluminum work of art. The material presents challenges in careful handling, as the edges of the tin sheet can be rough. That's why it is aimed at individuals over 16 years of age preferably. Your Instructor: Welcome to the world of Emma, a Mexican-American visual artist whose remarkable talent transcends mediums and cultures. With a fusion of Mexican heritage and American influences, Emma's art embodies a unique and captivating blend of styles. Drawing inspiration from popular Mexican arts, pre-Hispanic cultures, Frida Kahlo's art, and the rich symbolism of Mesoamerica, her creations offer a vibrant celebration of both tradition and innovation. With a diverse background encompassing interior design, graphic arts, ceramic, fashion design, and business, Emma brings a wealth of expertise to her artistic endeavors. Her textile design company in Queretaro Mexico has not only established her as a successful entrepreneur but also provided a platform for her to share her creative vision with the world. Throughout her career, Emma has showcased her work since 2016 in prestigious exhibitions across Mexico, including the Escuela de Artes y Oficios del Estado de Querétaro and the renowned Premio Nacional de la Cerámica in Jalisco. Her talent has been recognized by esteemed galleries such as the Sharon Weiss Gallery, where her pieces have been displayed following her first exhibition at the Cultural Art Center in Columbus Pasos de Arte 2019, Ohio. Additionally, Emma has actively participated as an artist in the Global Gallery and various Day of the Dead Columbus festivals since 2019.  Emma actively collaborates with Latino Arts for Humanity 2023, leveraging her expertise to contribute by designing the new logo for the Day of the Dead. Beyond her artistic pursuits, Emma is a devoted mother of two and shares a joyful partnership with her best friend and life partner. She also generously shares her knowledge and expertise through workshops. See Emma's work at

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Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your class up to 5 days prior to the class date to receive a refund, less the 5% service fee. If you cancel less than 5 days prior to the class date, you will not receive a refund. You may pass along your booking to a friend or family member by emailing and include the replacement’s name and email.

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